A beautiful and unique memorial to hold in the palm of your hand of those you hold in your heart.

Art Glass Memorials are a creative alternative to help celebrate and cherish the life of your loved one.  A discrete way to keep your loved one close, beside your bed, on your desk, or with you in your travels.   Only a very small amount of the cremation ash is required, 1 tbsp per memorial - allowing one or many family members to each share in the love of a personal memorial and still have the majority of the cremated remains to honour as they wish. 

All Art glass Memorial are hand-blown by glass artist Sarah Mulligan.  Molten glass requires temperatures over 2000°, when a small amount of the cremation ash is incorporated carefully into the glass, the ashes turn a brilliant bright white. Combine one or two of the 6 colour choices and choose the shape: heart or sphere. Memorials size will vary from piece to piece but in general measure 3”-4” at the widest point.

 One Memorial $180

Two Memorials $165 each

Three Memorials $150 each

Four Memorials $135 each

*Pricing does not include shipping or applicable taxes, final total will be determined upon order completion. A 50% deposit is required prior to memorial creation.

*USA customers are responsible for all custom fees that may incur - both when sending the ashes to Canada and when the memorials are shipped to the USA.

* Turn around time is dependant on my blowing schedule. I live in Victoria,BC but blow glass in Vancouver, BC. I do not blow glass every month of the year, spring and fall are my usual blowing months.( ie: a memorial to be created in time for Christmas would be made in October) Please contact me at for memorial order information and blowing schedule.