Art Glass Memorials are a creative alternative to help celebrate and cherish the life of your loved one.  A discrete way to keep your loved one close, beside your bed, on your desk, or with you in your travels.   Only a very small amount of the cremation ash is required, allowing one or many family members to each share in the love of a personal memorial and still have the majority of the cremated remains to honor as they wish. 

All Art glass Memorialare hand-blown by glass artist Sarah Mulligan.  Molten glass requires temperatures over 2000°, so when a small amount of the cremation ash is incorporated carefully into the glass, the ashes turn a brilliant bright white.

A beautiful and unique memorial to hold in the palm of your hand of those you hold in your heart.

 Please visit my ETSY shop"SarahMulliganGlass" for ordering details and pricing. 

*Customers in Canada Only*